[ micropress ]

Micro-Magazine Press System

What is [ micropress ] ?

Publish your original magazine for free!

[ micropress ] is the futuristic publishing system for small magazines and periodicals.

Editorial fee is free! The only cost is book fee (starting at one copy) and shipping fee!

Editorial Fee : It's free!

ISBN : International Standard Book Number is given to your magazine!

National Library : A copy of your magazine will be sent to the National Diet Library of Japan, and will be preserved forever.

[ Details ]

1. We accept magazines in any fields; e.g. magazines for your shop, school or circle.
2. Types of Magazines: You can choose annual, semiannual, or seasonal.
3. Book size: You can choose either A5 (148mm x 210mm) or B6 (128mm x 182mm).
4. Text and images (photos & illustrations) must be mono-color (black & white).
5. Book Cover: You can put full-color images on the Book cover.
6. Period of Publishing: One year for each volume of magazines from its first edition.

[ How to Apply ]

If you would like to become an organizer and publish your own magazine, then submit the publishing plan via e-mail. Please include the following information.

1. Title of a magazine/periodical.
2. Outline of a magazine/periodical.
3. Your name, address, postal code (Zip), phone number.

[ Steps to Publish Your Magazine/Periodical ]

1. Send a publishing plan mentioned above.
2. If the plan was accepted, then we send you a template data (WORD format) for text.
3. Based on the template, make text data for a magazine/periodical, and send it to us.
4. Making a cover for a magazine/periodical.
5. Printing & Bookbinding.

[ Questions? Contact Us! ]

[ Option ]

- Amazon.co.jp ( 100 US$ / year ) : You can register and get your magazine at Amazon.co.jp!

- Decoration Paper ( 50 US$ / volume ) : You can put colorful paper between text and cover!

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